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I am an artist, wife and mother, paraeducator, yo-yo dieter, and small town country girl. I love singing in my church choir, computer time, beading and making jewelry. And I love enameling! There is something very magical about turning powder into smooth, shiny, and colorful glass.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Warrior

                                               The Mess

It finally occurred to me why I was having trouble being my usual warrior this past weekend. My studio was a HUGE mess. I couldn't do anything without moving a mountain of supplies and unfinished projectsThere were beads, jars of enamel, and bits of metal everywhere. My bookcase is crammed with papers, receipts, books, pages ripped out of magazines....... get the picture? There is no reason for being unorganized because I have a whole room for my studio. I was so embarrassed for myself that I took some pictures. I figured if I blogged about it I would have to clean it. So I spent my weekend being a cleaning warrior. I hate cleaning so I wasn't an enthusiastic warriorBut, I made a good dent in it, enough to be able to finish some enameling projects. When my studio looks organized again I'll post the after pictures. 

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