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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Warrior (part 2)

                                   Finished Mixed Metals Necklaces (finally!)

Yes, finally! I finished my first batch of mixed metals necklaces. And I only got just a little aggravated. First I finished my pendants by adding a few stone beads or copper beads.

 And wire or jump ring bails.

 I put some charms and bead drops hanging from the bottom.
 Also some sari silk ties.

 I then picked matching or coordinating leather cord.

 Now came the aggravating part. I bought these glue on cord clasps. Even though I was careful to get clasps larger than the cord diameter, I still had a hard time getting them to fit. Some of the cords are a tiny bit larger than others. The next time I buy clasps, I will make sure I include some larger ones.

 The silver tone one is magnetic. I love the rustic look to the copper ones. I used a tiny bit of 2-part epoxy to glue the leather cords securely.  It's called 5 minute epoxy and they're not kidding. By the time I wrestled the cord into the clasp, the epoxy was too hard to use and I had to mix up a new batch. But the finished necklaces came out great!!


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