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I am an artist, wife and mother, paraeducator, yo-yo dieter, and small town country girl. I love singing in my church choir, computer time, beading and making jewelry. And I love enameling! There is something very magical about turning powder into smooth, shiny, and colorful glass.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Tools

                                            Zigging and Zagging my Wire

 I wanted to find a tool to crimp my bezel and cloisonne wire. I thought it would be fun to put wire into my enameled pieces. I also envision some funky wire wraps. And I wanted something heavy duty enough to ruffled the edges of thin sheet metal. I found this tube-wringer in TDSONLINESTORE. It's one of my favorite supplies shops on Etsy and their prices are reasonable. I was surprised that it actually is made to wring the stuff out of a large tube of something. Hence, it's name and "duh" to me. 

                                  It has a crank handle on one side,

and gears in the middle.

what a mess!

I started with some copper cloisonne wire. One end of the wire goes between the gears, turn the handle while holding it closed, and out comes:

zigs and zags of wire! Now what can I make with this? Any ideas?


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