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I am an artist, wife and mother, paraeducator, yo-yo dieter, and small town country girl. I love singing in my church choir, computer time, beading and making jewelry. And I love enameling! There is something very magical about turning powder into smooth, shiny, and colorful glass.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday's Tutorial

Transparents Over Opaques

I haven't done much layering of transparent colors over opaque colors. Instead, I  buy new colors to add to my enamel palette. I really need to experiment more! So I did a small experiment to share with you. I used three opaque colors on these toggle clasp blanks.

buttercup yellow

foxglove purple

clover pink

I sifted a heavy coat of a different color transparent over each and this is what came out of my kiln. A successful experiment!

#119 Soyer green

periwinkle blue

rose purple
I love the speckled look to these and the transparent layer gives the enameled surface some depth.

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