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I am an artist, wife and mother, paraeducator, yo-yo dieter, and small town country girl. I love singing in my church choir, computer time, beading and making jewelry. And I love enameling! There is something very magical about turning powder into smooth, shiny, and colorful glass.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Toys Part 2

I've been having fun using another new tool I got for Christmas. It's a nifty riveting tool that pierces a hole in your component on one side and rivets it on the other. It works great! It can be put in a vise which I'm going to try next time because you really need three hands to hold several pieces of metal together and then turn the handle.

The hole is just a tiny 1/16 in so you need a small decorative rivet if your component has a bigger hole like the flowers I used. Originally I planned to rivet my enameled flowers but I realized I would need long rivets and I haven't bought those yet. So little money and so many supplies!!

I used a copper blank for the base and hammered it or stamped a pattern on it. Then I colored it with alcohol inks for a subtle touch of color. Then I riveted the flowers to the pierced base.
I love how these came out!!

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