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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Warrior

Kiln Enameling Filigree Beads

I absolutely love the look of Barbara Lewis's torch fired filigree beads. I bought her book with the hope of adding a new enameling skill. But, according to the book,  I don't have the right kind of torch. I have an acetylene/air set up which burns "dirtier" and causes the colors to be less vibrant. I didn't feel I should invest in another torch when I really haven't learned how to use the one I've got so I decided to try kiln enameling them. I think it was a very successful experiment!
I set the kiln at 1460 degress but I think the next time I will try it at 1470 degrees. I'm not used to the bumpy appearance. It's a little too rustic for me!
I used a first coat of clear which didn't seem to melt completely.
Then I used an opaque and a transparent. It was fun to just experiment with the colors!

 The enamel didn't stick to this one very well and has a pitted look which I find unattractive.
I snipped apart some of the beads and I plan on making bead caps or interesting components. Stay tuned!
Many thanks to Barbara Lewis for her wonderful book and the inspiration!!


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  1. Kristen, these are beautifully bright... the colours are intense, aren't they? Can't wait to see how the "bead caps" turn out.